Welcome to my domain--

A realm of imagery and imaginary...

Well, I'm fifteen and an Honors Student-- and often Teacher's Pet, I'll profess ^^'... It takes a lot to get my attention, since I daydream at every moment of the day, which is what especially gets on my Physical Science teacher's nerves, so she eventually stopped calling on me lol. Pereseverence!!
Procrastination is my middle name, and I get away with it, too, 'cause I have a photographic memory
I'm taking a Japanese class at the high school and hope to go on to Japan with the class in three years. I also knows bits and pieces of Mandarin Chinese from when I tried to teach myself (total crash and burn, yet, I still recall everything, even though it's been four years). As you might've guessed I'm obsessed with Asia...
I am VERY interested in world culture, human evolution, space, war, and human history, along with ecology and other biologicical subjects. I actually spent about five years totally obsessedd with earthquakes, weather, and space, and, because of this, haven't learned a single thing in my science classes since fourth grade, which is why my Physical Science teacher leaves me be, even though I'm ignoring the lesson
My mother says I've drawn with intent since I was three, and she expects I shall surpass her in skill in about a decade. I look forward to it *challenging grin*
My speech has always been wordy, however, it is disjointed and not at all thought out. I'm afraid my forte lies in the way of the written word, not the spoken, which is probably why characters and kanji can so rapture my attention. The photographic memory probably helps, too. Anyways, I have a minor speech impairment which makes verbal communication VERY difficult, but I get along just fine by not really talking at school ^^
I've been able to read since I was three and have held a passion for books and writing my own ever since. Imagery is my middle name and my poems usually end up very random and descriptive with no real ulterior meaning O.o Either way, people dig into 'em and find symbolism like there's no tomorrow. Guess I just incorporate it without thinking 'bout it at all lol ^^
I've always been a happy child, even if my somber expression says otherwise. Most people at school are scared of me 'cause I don't talk and, when I do, it never comes out right and always sounds like a VERY deep emotional insult. These people usually never speak to me again, sadly, which is... well, sad. As a result, I have only two real friends, but they're also social rejects, so it's all good. I'm happy with my two very true friends and actually glad I'm not popular (especially in a junior high *rolls eyes at the drama*) and surrounded by falsely pretensed smiles
I've lived in the Northwest all my life and am perfectly content where I am. I love the rain, fog is cool, and trees are awesome. I'm clausterphobic and have major issues whenever traveling to the Midwest to visit my dad's side of the family. Yes, it works backward where I'm afraid of these huge open spaces and not the closed in valleys, hills, and mountains. Either way, sometimes I wish we got more snow, but considering my vulnerability to the cold, maybe it's better we don't, so I'll lie content watching the rain ^^. Oh yes, and I'm scared of wind. O.o I have a lot of fears...
As for the fears, I'm insanely paranoid. Don't go into it lest I hound you with government conspiracies and serial killers I SWEAR I hear shadowing my steps every day on the way to school *eyes a shadow suspiciously*...

Well, there's just a little thing 'bout little ole, paranoid, weak me ^^