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14 May 2011 @ 09:44 pm
Would you want your city to outlaw smoking on public streets? Why or why not?

*scoff* Tobacco. Nicotine. Cigarettes are drugs. And they're even worse than other narcotics, because they don't just affect the user physically. Smokers have a filter on their cigarettes, limitting the amount of poison they intake into their body with every breath of the smoke. They have a filter. But no one around them does. They poison both themselves and those around them, but they poison those around even worse because they don't even have the security of the filter. Nonsmokes aren't given the choice to not smoke. Smokers decide everyone will suffer the poison with them, them and their wretched crutch

As you can tell, I severely dislike cigarettes, as well as all other drugs. I understand that users aren't evil. My great aunt used to smoke; and I love her very much. She's since quit, thankfully. Now, she can come over to our house without any fuss. And she doesn't smell like smoke. And when I go to her house, I don't find my throat trying to close up, my chest compressed, throat sore. The smell is so very rancid, it makes me feel ill. And it is a drug. Once you're hooked, it's very difficult to quit. It's a crutch, and is chemically designed to make you dependent, even as it slowly kills you and poisons those around you
I hate cigarettes. I hate all drugs. I want them gone. And I'd be overjoyed should smoking be outlawed on the streets. I would love to be able to walk through the city without having to hold my breath, without taking a shower the moment I get home in order to get the stench out of my hair. I want to walk home from school without taking detours around the smokers' hangouts, and I wish that group of smokers had never decided my bus stop was their new hangout during middle school. I wish nicotine was illegal...
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19 February 2011 @ 08:42 pm
I forewarn you: This dream makes no sense whatsoever!!

Okay, so a couple days ago, I had this really weird dream
In the dream, my Japanese teacher was there for some reason... Still haven't figured out why... Anyways, he was there but he didn't really do anything. He was just there. So, he took the class to some charity thingy-- not entirely sure what this "class" is or who was in it, but my twin was among them. In this charity, for some reason we all got a tooth pulled. A front tooth. And, afterwards, we went to the mall, with these bleeding holes in our mouths. So, me and my twin go to Wendy's and try to order a bacon cheeseburger, but the lady apologises and says they don't sell burgers anymore. She was real apologetic and sorry and all "Let me give you a free  sample of our new product." So she gave us this spoon of blue ice stuff, like an Icy but... icier... And this spoon was really big, too. It was the size of a bowl, but shallow, and with a super long handle. Like a spoon. So me and my twin tried it, and it was really good. We turned back to order the blue ice-stuff-- but suddenly they're closed!! And by "closed", I mean there are metal walls between us and the lady we just spoke to
And then my mom woke me up for school

So, it was a really weird dream, and I just had to write it down lol

Oh, yeah. And I told this dream to my dad today at dinner. And the whole tme I was telling it, I was laughing nonstop and struggling to get the words out, and my family was just laughing right alongside me

Yeah, my family has a history of really weird dreams
Another example of our weirdness would be my mom. Okay, especially my mom. She's had some really weird dreams, I tell ya
In one dream, she was in Juneau, Alaska, at James and Natalie's house (distant relatives we've stayed with before). So, they live right alongside the forest, and in their backyard is a stream where you'll find lots of salmon crowding down during the season. It's a pretty neat place, but anyways. So, she was inside, and she's a major camera freak and has to take pictures of everything, especially animals. At our house, we'll get skuns and raccoons and deer, and she'll be out in the street ten feet from a buck, it'll charge her, she'll run, it'll go back to eating our neighbors' roses, and then she'll go right back to takin' pictures. Soooo, she's crazy. And she was in her dream, too. So, she was standing in James and Natalie's house taking pictures of a moose or something, but for some reason there were these lines like in windows at school to keep 'em shatterproof, but these lines don't let you get good pictures, so she decided to go outside and take pictures of the animals close up. And then this moose-- or was it a deer?-- limps on by with clawmarks on its hide. And she decides: "Oh, what an awesome picture that'd make!" So, she chases after it. And, in the woods, she comes across these cubs. Mom being crazy mom, she just starts takin' pictures of 'em, and she's just havin' a ball. Until the momma bear shows up. Sadly, she doesn't remember what happened after that, but we can safely assume the momma bear killed her
She's also had another where she was on the beach and there was this dead shark. Then the seagulls went nuts and started attacking the shark, and the shark suddenly came to life and ran around the beach, chased all the while by the seagulls, on its tail flukes (awesome mental imagery lol)
And those're just two of her dreams!

My sister's had some weird dreams, too
Like, a more recent one'd be that she was sitting on the couch in our living room eating a Reese's Sticks while zombies attacked the house outside. And the treadmill was there (the treadmill is not in our living room, mind you), and it had three boxes stack atop it
She also had another one about this girl Dallas being a witch. She and... someone else were arguing about letting Dallas in, and then she just came in while they were arguing. And Steve Irwin was there, outside examining this rock. Turns out the rock was a lizard. So they break open the lizard-rock like you would a rock, and it's a gemstone inside...

Me and my family! Now, if only dad would have weird dreams like us and then tell us all about 'em... Not sure if he has our weird dreams. Maybe I should ask? Ah, too much effort. I'm pretty content with all our freaky imaginings lol
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04 January 2011 @ 06:21 pm
Looks like things shall finally come to end within the near future. Or so I hope. I've been optimistic about this exact thing several times before to come up empty-handed. *sigh* Hope for the best. That's all I can do...

Take me seriously, Sensei -_-Collapse )
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28 October 2010 @ 06:10 pm

I am just feeling beyond frustrated, so I'm gonna rant on here...


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05 August 2010 @ 01:20 pm

DivaDivaHm, I don' know how to upload pictures into a gallery or anything... Sad day. So, instead, I'm just postin' 'em in a journal ^^' If anyone knows how to upload to a gallery, please say how-- I haven't the slightest clue...

Anyways, I've been drawing Diva singing a lot, as of late. I vectored two of the images-- the best of the collection thus far (although her ear's really ticking me off ><) ;D Here're the vectors and their original sketches

Are they alright?? Just face-shots, really... Not really all that detailed, either...Diva sketch 

Following the Diva collection, I started drawing ballerinas for some odd reason... Here's the one I bothered vectoring-- colored it, too! Took several hours to do so crisply in Photoshop O.o It's a lot more detailed when blown up to full size, particularly her obi, hair, and lace


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26 July 2010 @ 01:02 am
When was the first time that you stood up for yourself? Were your actions justifiable? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

Hm, what a difficult question... First recollection that comes to mind is a memory of the busride in 5th grade. There was this kid named Joey who everyone hated, and he just 'bout hated everyone in return. He was also very religious, apparently, even though he obviously could care less about the Golden Rule. Which brings me to my topic: Religion. I am Athiest-Agnostic. I grew up not going to church, reading the bible, or listening to a preacher, nor do I willingly attend such services nor have save maybe once or twice without my consent. I openly give great disdain towards the very idea of "blind faith", because, in my eyes, these people are idiots too blind to see what's really going on, too scared to belive the truth, and too weak to look for it; they blindly cling to a God which might or might not exist and idols who could lie and condemn your lives just because he wants to (considering that Christianity is patriarcal, I'm pointing out that most saints are, resultingly, men), constantly telling themselves "God has a plan" and that he'll solve all their problems for them, instead of they solving them and thus they're just left t fester. In other words, I'm basically condemning religion. And these are the views imposed on me by not just my parents, but my own observations of history and even the current world today-- I mean, seriously, would you want Sarah Palin (a woman who most prob'ly believes dinosaurs roamed the earth but five millennia ago) running your country, yet she's got supporters *in awe*?? In other words, I see all these flaws in religion not by what is imposed by what other people claim is truth without any proof or standings or even logical reason but my own mind; if you're looking for someone to blame for my growing up to be a "devil child", you may blame me myself, for this sight of religion is of my own decision, not another's. Which brings me to my story...

In 5th grade, I rode the schoolbus to and from school everday. The first half of the year was fine and about half the bus was always empty, leaving me to sit in my own seat and read a book without interruption 'til I reached my stop. Then, the Spot Program took over; in case you don't know, the Spot Program is a religious afterschool program held at the church, but the lift's given by the schoolbusses (which makes no sense to me, considering that this program is strictly catholic and schools aren't supposed to discriminate or support anything of such...). I do not know any more concerning the Spot Program, because I have never attended it, nor do I have even the slightest intent to do so. But, that's their choice, so whatever; They've been nice enough not to impose their views on me, so I'll return the favor (I may not be religious, but I do believe int he Golden Rule because it just makes so much flippin' sense). Joey, as you may have guessed, was also in this Spot Program and, as a result, came to ride my bus. If you've read any of my previous posts, you will know of another of my previous run-ins with Joey and understand my standing enmity towards the boy; if you haven't, then that's just as well as long as you know I've hated him since 5th grade, so my recollection might be just a bit biased. Well, with all these Spot kids crowding the bus, I could no longer hold a seat to myself and was forced to share, plus there was an extra stop (Spot got the first stop to decongest the bus); in fact, it was so full that it was three to a seat for at least ten seats with the smallest girls crammed together (luckily, even though I'm very small, I managed to seat up with someone more normal sized and was in two-to-a-seat conditions *insanely thankful for luck*). This day, however, fewer people were absent and there were even more Spot kids than usual, thus, I was stuck three to a seat -_- And Joey was sitting right in front of me. Just my luck...

So, they're on their way to church when Joey just randomly starts asking people what their religion is. He got to a Muslim boy (no veil, so you couldn't tell) and started teasing and berrating the poor boy. But he soon moved on to other targets. For fellow Catholics, he'd nod with approval and quickly move on to a new victim. He reached me quickly enough, my being so close most likely the factor. "What religion are you?" "... I... I don't have a religion..." Everyone I knew and everyone I know outside my nuclear family is religious. I had and have no one to sympethise with outsid the homelife, as a result, so I simply do not talk about my lack of religion. As a result of my never talking about it, nobody knew. Because nobody knew, they never questioned me. Since I was never questioned, I did not know how to responde. I knew and know no one else who is Athiest or Agnostic outside my nuclear. As a result of all this shielding, I never expected his responde. That dastardly boy stood up in his seat, pointed at me like I was a dancing monkey, and screaming "Athiest!" Quite frankly, I didn't really know what an Athiest was back then; I was in 5th grade, for crying out loud, and just 'bout avoided the subject of religion in public, so it only makes sense. I only held a very loose grapse of that word, and it had never seemed like a "bad thing" to me, 'cause it was simply my belief. But when he shouted it at pointed at me and everyone stared and I just got the sense that they were looking down on me (Catholic Spot kids, here)... I snapped. I did not understand why Athiest was a bad thing in their eyes. I only knew he saw me as bad over a word! "Athiest!" It's an f-ing word! How can you just make a word sound so horrible...?? "You have your belief and I have mine. Deal with it." This is the basic idea of my reply, because I'm afraid I've long since forgoten my wording, his shout so engrained in my mind it blotts everyhing else out. That shut him up for some reason. But people were still staring at me...
I didn't understand. I just did not understand. Why were they suddenly looking down upon me? I didn't even do anything! Yet suddenly I'm just worth so much less in their eyes. In my 5th grade mind, I'd become a total outcast, and I was pretty isolated as it was. I hated it. I was so mad-- I just wanted to tear him apart! But I do not act like that. When I get mad, I get quiet... very quiet... It scares people quite senseless, I'll tell you. They looked away uncomfortable as I silently fumed.

My knee-jerk silent anger prob'ly helped me far more than I knew. I did not shout. I did not lash out. I simply stated the truth and left it to grow in their minds. Is Athiesm (sp?) such an evil thing in the pious's minds?? I did not understand then, nor do I now. Well, it doesn't matter now. That day has long since passed. But I'm proud of myself. Despite it all, despite their staring and his disdainful declaration which attention upon one who tries to avoid it, I did not take back my words. I meant them. I mean them.

That's the lesson of this story, though, isn't it? I stood up for my views, and didn't impose them on he who tried to impose on me. Wouldn't it be a far better world if everyone was like that? If the Spanish didn't convert the Native Americans and so-on, suppressing their cultures and beliefs, resulting in strife and war for no other reason than their being different. It's so stupid, really. I mean, I don't get, at all, the great battles for Jerusalem or the Great Crusades; it's just mindless killing with God as an excuse. Wouldn't this be an even more wonderful world if people weren't berrating one another over their beliefs...?? I think it would... but who am I to impose this belief on others? It's their choice to decide, and I've made my decision.

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18 July 2010 @ 04:20 pm
How would you change the world with $10,000?

Well, the moment anybody's finds out you got money-- even if it's as little as 10k-- they swarm you. XP My extended family would be especially leech-like...

Thus, to dispose of these parasites, I'd just donate everything quick as I could to charity: off the top of my head, somethin' for the Chinese girls in orphanages. T.T It's not right how parents just dump their baby girls in orphanages just 'cause they were born a girl instead of a boy... and there're so many of 'em, too!! These girls could be so much more, and even the smallest donation could improve their quality of life, thus, my choice
Perhaps this small amount of money could be worth so much more there than here (even a penny's worth so much more in China than the States). Would it be enough to put them through college?? Prob'ly not. But gradeschool, yes, and they'd get just a taste of what could be. Plus, a fifteen year old giving away 10k to this charity would also be something of news. Spread the word, get the know, raise awareness! My small donation would lead to bigger ones. Maybe, one day, the Chinese communism will fall, along with its extreme sexism and 1-child laws. It's a long ways off... but a little can make a difference. What could you call it...?? Ah, I know: baby steps

So, not only would I get my leechy extended family off my back, I'd donate it to a most worthy cause and help out needy girls lost in a world of patriarchy. There's so much wrong with this world, I'd only be gratefull to help ease the strain if only a little bit

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10 July 2010 @ 12:49 am
I've posted this on both FanFiction.Net and the HagiSaya community, but why not post it here, too *indifferent shrug*

Fandom: Blood+
Language(s): Main-- English. Partial-- Japanese
Title: The Dreams of a Chevalier
Word Count: 2,300
Characters: Haji, Saya
Summary: Y'know that scene at the start of EP 40 where Saya's sleeping, Haji watching over her and he wipes away her unconscious tear before placing his hand over hers...? Yeah... I'm not very creative and just wrote 'bout that scene instead of imagining my own heh-heh ^^'
Warnings: Not really
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Blood+ is owned by I.G. Productions and Aniplex, the manga hold the rights of their original authors and publishers, plus Dark Horse-- not me

The Dreams of a ChevalierCollapse )
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03 July 2010 @ 04:10 pm
Do you think a romantic relationship can ever be equal or will one partner always love and/or compromise more than the other? Given the choice, would you rather be the one who loves more or is loved more?

Oh, they most definately hold the opportunity to be equalized. They balance out (it's difficult to explain :/ but that's how my parents' relationship is)...

However, I fully realize that not all relationships are as such. What I love to look back on-- no suprise, here-- is Blood+ with Haji and Saya's relationship. I mean, for 130 flippin' years, Haji was pining for her love and she hardly even acknowledged him! Yet, in the end, they ended up together, anyways, she finally realizing that she loves him, too ^-^ Now, quite obviously, Haji was the one doin' most of the loving-- suffering both emotional and physical pain left and right-- and Saya getting loved. Saya was outright used to it, the spoiled girl, and that was just about all Haji knew how to do O.o So, I guess that balances out in the end...
But, if it were me, no offense Saya, I'd rather be the one loving ^^ Getting loved that obbsessively... scares me O.O Pretty much everything scares me! So, I personally think it best if I quietly obsess over my true love, rather than the other way 'round. That's how it's been my whole life, anyways (considering that I'm an obsessionist who everyone ignores and acts as though doesn't even exist), so it all works out ;D

... Dammit! this's another similarity I share with Haji... although that's not really a bad thing...
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